Ashford Astronomical Society

Ashford Astronomical Society
Meetings: Woodchurch Memorial Hall Front Road
Woodchurch, Kent TN26 6QB
United Kingdom

Ashford Astronomical Society is a fun and welcoming group aiming to make astronomy accessible and enjoyable for all. Have you ever looked up at the night sky and thought 'Wow!', but wished you knew a bit more about it? Have you ever bought or been given a telescope and found it too difficult to set up and use? Astronomy is a fascinating and rewarding hobby, but it's all to easy to be put off by obscure technical jargon, the enormous price of some of the equipment on sale and the sheer difficulty of knowing where to start.
Contrary to popular belief, there is no requirement to be an 'expert' or a 'top notch' scientist, or even to buy huge quantities of expensive stuff to get going. All you need to start with is an interest in looking up at the night sky and a wish to know more about it. What else do you need? A welcoming and friendly Astronomy Society to guide you along of course!
Ashford Astronomical Society meets on the last Friday of every month (except bank holidays), at 7.30pm at the Woodchurch Memorial Hall, Front Road, Woodchurch, TN26 3QB. 
Ashford Astronomical Society
Jason Thompson
Meetings: Woodchurch Memorial Hall, Front Road
Woodchurch Kent TN26 6QB
United Kingdom

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