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My Tenterden is a joint project by several local people:

  • Simon Williams and Laura Featherstonhaugh, WillCreate Ltd 
  • Bill Ferguson and Sue Ferguson, Bill & Sue Ferguson Ltd
  • Assisted by Lewis J Brockway, Professional Photographer

WillCreate Integrated Marketing Agency
Websites, Email Marketing, Advertising, Pay Per Click, Brand Development, Social Media, Online Marketing, Press Marketing, Radio Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Content Management, Graphic Design, Artwork and Print, Search Engine Optimisation, SMS Marketing, Point of Sale, Pay per Click, Brand Development, Copywriting

Simon and Laura live in St Michaels,Tenterden, and work in Bethersden in their company WillCreate Ltd
Bill & Sue Ferguson Ltd
Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropody & Podiatry 
Sue Ferguson has lived in Tenterden for 30 years. Sue has a great interest in helping to get information out to the local community. She is equally at home in her day to day clinic work as a podiatrist as she is fiddling with computer coding, computers and all things technical. Sue has an enormous amount of local contacts in Tenterden and enjoys walking along the high street talking to everyone she meets. Sue is a very keen swimmer and religiously logs her pool lengths to make sure she is keeping her swimming programme on track!
Bill Ferguson is helping the MyTenterden project when he takes a break from his osteopathic clinic work. He can turn a jumbled set of words into something coherent and pleasing to read. He has a scientific mind and is very interested in computers and technology. He speaks Spanish very well and is reasonably fluent. His French is a little rusty these days but is still impressively good.
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Mailing and Street Address

  • WillCreate Ltd, Suite 3, Thorne Business Park, Bethersden, Kent, TN26 3AF
    (Registered No. 07405725)
  • Bill & Sue Ferguson Ltd, 2 St Benets Court, Tenterden, TN30 6QS
    (Registered No. 04880543)
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