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Ashford Road
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6LT
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Suitable for Children

Event Dates and Times
The Academy Performing Arts Tenterden
Stage School every Saturday morning 9.30am-1pm (term time)
The Sinden Theatre, Tenterden
Term 5
27th April - 25th May 2019
Term 6
8th June - 20th July 2019
The Academy is a popular independent Saturday morning stage school (40 weeks each year, in 6 terms to match Kent schools.), teaching singing, dancing and acting to children aged 7- 16.

We have 4 groups; Topaz are 7–8 yrs old and work from 9.30am till 12 noon. Amber, Ruby and Sapphire groups stay till 1pm. All groups run 6 terms a year during term time.
  • Topaz, ages 7-8
  • Amber, ages 8-10
  • Ruby, ages 10-12
  • Sapphire, ages 12-15+
The Academy welcomes all children; you don't need exams, qualifications or experience – just your enthusiasm will do! We present two shows every year and create new experiences for our students. We are resident at The Sinden Theatre which is the only Theatre in the Borough of Ashford. 
The Academy Performing Arts Ltd
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United Kingdom
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