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Puppy and dog training at Highbury Hall in Tenterden. Modern, reward-based techniques used, and plenty of extra help and support throughout the course through videos, handouts and recap emails - carefully designed so you and your dog get the most out of your training time. Contact me to to book a space or ask a question.

Puppy Life Skills
Puppy Life Skills is a 6 week course suitable for pups aged 20 weeks and under on the first day of the course. As well as learning all of the basic exercises that we like our dogs to know, this course will also provide your puppies with the skills they need to be well-rounded, confident and happy adults. Each course is limited to 4 puppies, and pups will need to have had their first vaccination to be able to attend. 
Adult Dog Training Beginners
Have you just got your dog and not really sure where to start? Maybe you're an experienced dog owner but wan to go back to basics. Have you done our puppy course and want to carry on training? Then our beginners class is for you. In this course we will work on lots of new exercises and develop some you may already know, as well as working on self-control, frustration tolerance, confidence building and calmness.  
Adult Dog Training Improvers
Does your dog know all of the basic exercises and can perform them well in your day to day life? Are you looking for a new challenge and some fun training for your dog? Then why not try our adult dog improvers class. This class will really develop your dog's skills and help to improve your dog's focus on you in real life situations.

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Pure Connection Dog Training 


Pure Connection Dog Training Tenterden


Pure Connection Dog Training Tenterden


Pure Connection Dog Training Tenterden

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