Parachute Jump - Eleanor's Leap of Faith

Headcorn Aerodrome
Headcorn, Kent TN27 9HX
United Kingdom

Suitable for Children

Event Dates and Times
Thursday August 5, 2021
1:00 PM
Fundraising for the St Mildred's Transformation Project
Thursday 5 August (weather dependent) sometime after 1pm
Headcorn Aerodrome
Eleanor says "Not only pennies from heaven, but hopefully…Pounds by Parachute. I can’t bake, or arrange flowers to help to raise money for St Mildred's Transformation project - but I am willing to jump out of a plane to help the fund!!! I know I should know better but... Headcorn Aerodrome offer tandem parachuting. From 2 miles up (I’m trying not to think about that bit - I’m focusing more on there being a lovely view on the way down!)"

Please do consider sponsoring me in my quest to raise money for the Transformation Project. 
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For more details: Eleanor Bliss or 01233 770082
Pounds by Parachute - Eleanors Leap of Faith
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