Art Unlocked 2 - WOKAS Exhibition May 2021
Tenterden, Kent TN30
United Kingdom

Event Dates and Times
Art Unlocked 2
1-31 May 2021
Online Exhibition
After the huge success of the last on-line exhibition in 2020, the Weald of Kent Art Society (WOKAS) are launching a second - ART UNLOCKED 2 to showcase and sell their recent works.

The response last year was brilliant! Everyone loved to browse through the art whilst relaxing in the comfort of their own homes. You can “like” your favourite pictures, send your comments to the artists and read about what inspired their work. It’s a very interactive forum and some art lovers are even enjoying the online version more than attending the usual event!  Perhaps by buying one you could enjoy it in your home forever.

Rowena McWilliams, artist and curator of Smallhythe Gallery, will choose her favourite pictures and will give her views online.

The online exhibition is on from Saturday 1st May until Monday 31st May 2021 so please take some time to check it out. You can view it on the Weald of Kent Art Society website  
Weald of Kent Art Society
John Hamilton

Tenterden Kent TN30
United Kingdom
Weald of Kent Art Society John Hamilton

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