Zoesbooks Publishing Consultancy

Zoësbooks Publishing Consultancy
The Lindens 19 St Benets Way
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6QT
United Kingdom

Zoësbooks, publish your own book with Zoësbooks, self-publishing and mentoring consultancy for Kent, Surrey, London and the south east.

Author-clients come to Zoësbooks for advice at many different stages of the book development process. Some have already written the book and need editing services before handing the file to the printer. Once a good working relationship has been established they are then invariably happy to leave us to also produce quotes for graphic design and printing - we like to then show them not only detailed costings, but also easy-to-understand cashflow spreadsheets, which gives a guide as to how the costs will be spread out during the cycle. This is an excellent way of staying in control of financing your book and avoids any unexpected surprises!

Sometimes the book is still in the author-client’s head and the need is for an understanding mentor to support them whilst giving birth to text. More recently, though, there has been a growing demand for post-publication marketing advice. Nobody can afford to bask in the glory of their books stored under the bed. If they are to sell, the word needs to be out there and Zoësbooks offers marketing support: press releases, mailshots, book-launch, interviews and signing events etc.

Zoësbooks offers help in all these areas and much more ... we can write your press release, organise a book-launch, or, as was recently the case, a public debate if your subject matter is a contentious one.

Depending on the complexity of each individual book project, the client can pick and choose what they need or simply decide to ask Zoesbooks to provide support and help during the whole book creation cycle.
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