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Appledore Road, Tenterden

The amended scheme retains the key community benefits whilst also responding to feedback received by the community and Ashford Borough Council. There will be five football pitches, a pavilion and car parking to support the re-establishment of junior football in Tenterden. This will create a clear pathway from mini soccer through to senior football in the town in line with the needs identified by Ashford Borough Council and Tenterden Town Council.

Tenterden Community Land Trust undertook a recent housing needs survey (June 2020) which identified a significant affordable housing need in the town. The proposals will deliver 50% affordable housing, which equates to72 affordable homes, that will be made available to people with a connection to the town.
Amendments from the previous planning application:
  • Proposed homes reduced from 250 to 145
  • Increase of landscape buffers along the eastern edge of the site
  • 50% affordable housing (increase of further 10% from previous submission)
  • Increase in natural open space within the residential areas to 6.9ha
  • Retained vistas of St Mildred's Church
  • Positive biodiversity strategy through landscape proposals by optimising the grassland ecological value and enhanced mitigation
ln response to comments made on a previous submission made in 2019 and Ashford having an identified housing need Wates Developments is pleased to bring forward a revised scheme for Appledore Road.

The scheme not only provides all the community benefits as previously proposed but also a higher level of affordable homes to help meet the chronic housing need locally for Tenterden. The new proposals include, 145 new homes of which 50% would be affordable (72 homes) and the community benefits remain extensive with a 8.66 hectare country park, five football pitches, a community club house/pavilion, three outdoor play areas, an outdoor gym and new walkways and cycleways.

This exciting development will provide:
  • Three outdoor play areas
  • New cycle and pedestrian only route to the west of the site
  • An outdoor gym
  • High quality new homes for families
  • 8.66 ha expansive country park
  • 72 much needed affordable homes
  • Scrub and grassland mosaic to enhance biodiversity, damp grasslands and new ponds
  • Viewing corridors to St Mildred's Church
  • 5 new football pitches along with club house and parking creating a new sports hub for Tenterden
For further information please contact our community relations team: Email: appledoreroad@cratus.co.uk or visit website www.appledoreroad.co.uk
Wates Developments
Wates Developments
Appledore Road
Tenterden Kent TN30
United Kingdom
Wates Developments Wates Developments

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