Update on the Nepal relief effort

Bill Ferguson, Tenterden Rotary Club

Tenterden Rotarian Jonathan Slegg gave us an update on the Nepal relief effort with which he is closely involved. Nepal is a small country with a complex social and political structure that includes tribal groups and numerous political factions. The system is further complicated by the influence of neighbouring India and China. Aid agencies have been unable to get materials across the border without paying huge tariffs and even if aid gets into the country it is almost impossible to target where it goes. Long before the earthquakes catapulted Nepal onto the news the living conditions for many were appalling by western standards.

Last year 18,000 Nepalis were killed or seriously injured in car accidents, some might have survived if there had been paramedic or fire brigade support. In the face of such difficulties Jon explained how ITAP identified possibly the only source of aid that can be provided without financial penalties and that is to educate local people in first aid and emergency response. Jon and his organisation are helping to train local people to gain such skills and the  path is being smoothed by Nepalese rotarians and their network of contacts


Bill Ferguson, Tenterden Rotary Club Press Officer   
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