Two new ambassadors for Tenterden Charity Hypo Hounds

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Two new ambassadors for Tenterden Charity Hypo Hounds

Joe Pasquale becomes an Ambassador for Hypo Hounds
13 October 2016
Hypo Hounds registered Assistance Dog Charity based in St Michaels Tenterden are proud to announce Mr Joe Pasquale is an Ambassador for Hypo Hounds.
Joe states "When I heard about the fantastic work Hypo Hounds is doing in the Kent community, training dogs to save the lives of Diabetic's I knew it was something that I would be interested in helping.
When I was asked to be an ambassador for them and help raise awareness of both Diabetes and Hypo hounds I was truly touched and honoured".
CEO Mrs Jane Pearman states " We are so proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time. All of our dogs are alerting to their owners and thus far Hypo Hounds has saved 5 lives already. We are so pleased that Joe has chosen to come on board and support the wonderful work that we are doing".
Mr Robin Ellis becomes an Ambassador for Hypo Hounds
15 October 2016
Hypo hounds are Honoured to have Mr Robin Ellis - Famous for his role as POLDARK as an Ambassador for Hypo Hounds!

Robin states - "My mother had Type 1 diabetes and I witnessed her struggles with hypos--often happening while she slept at night. My father would miraculously awaken and be forced to call the ambulance and rush Molly to the hospital. If she'd had a service dog trained to alert her, many traumatic events might have been avoided. Her struggle informed my own reaction to Type 2 diabetes, when I was diagnosed in my 50s.

I devote some of my efforts now to assisting others with Type 2 (or trying to avoid it) with healthy diet. Diabetics can still enjoy delicious meals that are also healthy (thus my three cookbooks!). I am delighted to support this outstanding venture to enlist the help of our dear canine companions to further support those with the most dangerous forms of diabetes. These dogs will clearly bring great consolation, companionship and vital life saving assistance to their masters.

I hope you will join me in supporting HypoHounds". 
Joe Pasquale and Robin Ellis 
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