The Potato Shop

The Potato Shop
Morghew Park Estate Smallhythe Road
Tenterden, Kent TN30 7LR
United Kingdom


COVID UPDATE, Jan 2021: Open as normal for firewood & logs, potatoes, rapeseed oil, honey, wheat, hay & straw & other products. If you're self-isolating or shielding please consider our home delivery mail order service. We are also offering a local delivery service

The Potato Shop
  • Local potatoes in Tenterden
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Honey
  • Firewood & logs
  • Wheat
  • Hay & Straw 

The Potato Shop is located on the Morghew Park Estate just a short way from the Tesco entrance on the Smallhythe Road.

On our honesty stall you will find a wide variety of specialist, exotic and conventional potatoes available 7 days a week; we grow over 30 varieties of potato every year. We even offer purple potatoes. So, if you are looking for a potato that is more exciting and more tasty that one you would find in a supermarket or even one that has only travelled one mile from the field to the honesty stall please come and find us.

It's been a busy week for everyone here at The Potato Shop with long days and potatoes by the thousand passing before our eyes. We're nearly finished though, with just a couple of varieties left to dig before we can all celebrate what is turning out to be a very fine harvest.

Potato varieties:
• Arran Victory
• Belle de Fontenay
• Cara
• Charlotte
• Desiree
• Estima
• Golden Wonder
• Highland Burgundy Red
• Kerr's Pink
• La Ratte
• Maris Peer
• Mary's Rose
• Mayan Gold
• Nicola
• Pink Fir Apple
• Pink Gypsy
• Red Duke of York
• Red Emmalie
• Red King Edward
• Russet Burbank
• Salad Blue
• Violetta
• Wilja
• Yukon Gold

Also cold pressed Morghew rapeseed oil is also now available in 250ml & 500ml bottles from the Honesty Stall on our Estate in Tenterden. 

Honey is available too as well as logs and wheat at the Potato Shop (also grown on the Estate). We can deliver logs by the trailer load. We sell hay and straw by the bag or bale.

We also run the Morghew Shoot and we have a fishing syndicate


Potato Shop Tenterden


Potato Shop Tenterden


Potato Shop Tenterden


Potato Shop Tenterden

Dog Friendly
Open Sundays
Gluten Free
Groups Welcome
Morghew Tenterden
Nicki Crawley
Morghew Park Estate Smallhythe Road
Tenterden Kent TN30 7LR
United Kingdom
Morghew Tenterden Nicki Crawley
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