The Marketing Assistant

The Marketing Assistant
Aldington, Kent TN25
United Kingdom


If you feel that you need some advice or require a helping hand to achieve your business objectives through considered marketing activity then 'The Marketing Assistant' is for you, free one hour consultation.

I can help you to focus on your business needs, while gaining clarity on what is required to succeed by providing ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ marketing support. By offering a virtual service as well as on-site help, depending on your preference, ‘The Marketing Assistant' removes the overheads of in-house staff, or the cost of a big agency.

By using ‘The Marketing Assistant’, small businesses avoid wasting time and money on ideas, communications and initiatives that may not hit the right target market or use the best communication channels. 'The Marketing Assistant' will strive to work alongside you in order to achieve the end result of long-term profitable relationships with your customers through efficient and effective marketing activity. If any of these statements strike a chord with you, then 'The Marketing Assistant' can help:
- You could do with some advice on general marketing
- You cannot afford the costs associated with marketing & advertising agencies
- You are not sure how to communicate to your customers
- You are not sure how effective the communications you do use are
- You would like to improve your current marketing activity
- You have ideas but aren’t sure how to bring them to life
- You would like to grow your business in different areas
- You would like to advertise but aren’t sure how/where or when to do so
- You would like to PR your business/service/products but don’t know how
- You do not really understand digital, online and social media
- You don’t feel that social media would benefit your business
- You don’t have the time or knowledge to run social media channels
How many of those statements above can you relate to your business? If one or more then please do not hesitate to contact me for an initial conversation regarding your marketing needs and requirements.
Tabitha Beasley 
The Marketing Assistant
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