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The Friends of St Mildreds
Honorary Treasurer, The Friends of St Mildreds 4 Elmfield
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6RE
United Kingdom

Helping to maintain a thousand years of history

The Friends of St Mildreds was granted Charitable Status in 2014. Our purpose is to assist in the raising of funds to help in the maintenance of the fabric of this beautiful Grade 1 Listed building that stands in the heart of Tenterden.

We wish to involve all the people of Tenterden, regardless of any religious affiliation or indeed a lack of one.

We will organise events each year to raise funds and we invite membership of the Friends:

- Bequests and Legacies
- Annual Membership
- Donations and Sponsorships
- Annual Corporate Membership

Could you, indeed would you, please help us? We believe our Present is today's responsibility and makes tomorrow's History. There are various options if you would like to help us. Every penny raised will be used towards our goal. Administrative costs are borne by individuals within our Group. Please ask for a "Friends information pack"

Please give some thought to helping preserve this precious, irreplaceable part of Tenterden. Registered Charity No. 1159264
Friends of St Mildreds Church
The Friends Committee

Tenterden Kent TN30
United Kingdom
Friends of St Mildreds Church The Friends Committee

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