Tenterden Yoga

Tenterden Yoga
14 Beacon Walk
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6SF
United Kingdom



My studio is a beautiful, inspirational space full of natural light, overlooking my back garden, where up to 6 people can comfortably enjoy a yoga class

I specialise in Vinyasa Flow yoga for all levels, and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for a more dynamic practice.

I also run a 3-week beginners course at various times throughout the year

The benefits of yoga are comprehensive, including increased flexibility, improvement in strength and muscle tone, better posture, and building mental focus and relaxing the mind

Yoga can be practiced by all body types and all ages
If you would like to give it a try, just get in touch

And if you're an experienced Yogi who'd like something different, I'd be delighted to welcome you to my classes
Nigel Wilson
Tenterden Yoga


Tenterden Yoga with Nigel Wilson

Tenterden Yoga
Nigel Wilson

Tenterden Kent
United Kingdom
Tenterden Yoga Nigel Wilson
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Tenterden Yoga is run by Nigel Wilson at a purpose-built, private studio, just 10 minutes walk from Tenterden high street

There are classes in Vinyasa Flow. Yin Yoga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa

Everyone is welcome - experienced yogis, intermediate students, or absolute beginners

The class timetable includes daytime, evenings and Saturday mornings

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