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Tenterden Town Council
24 High Street
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6AN
United Kingdom

Town Hall office open to the public: Mon-Fri: 9am-3pm


Tenterden Town Council is the local council responsible for the town of Tenterden. The Town Council serves as the main link between the people of Tenterden and the district authority, Ashford Borough Council.

The Town Council’s central role is to act in the interest of the whole community by making decisions and recommendations to improve quality of life and the environment. Consulting and listening to the residents to understand their needs, their wishes and their concerns is an essential aspect of the Council’s work often working in partnership with other organisations, including the voluntary and community sector.

Tenterden Town Council is a member of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports; Tenterden is a limb of Rye, which is a head port. 
Tenterden Town Council News
Officers and Staff
Town Clerk: Phil Burgess
Deputy Town Clerk: Claire Gilbert
Accounts Clerk: Julie McCollum
Admin Assistant: Sharon Ratcliffe
Site Maintenance Manager: David Bourner
Maintenance Team:  Andy Corcoran
Sergeant at Mace: Malcolm Winter 
Town Councillors 

There are 16 Town Councillors who are unpaid local people and are elected by the local people. These volunteers put themselves forward for election to represent the community and give their time freely and willingly for the benefit of the whole town.

Tenterden is divided into four wards:

  • St Michaels
  • Tenterden South
  • Tenterden North
  • Tenterden West

St Michaels Ward (5 councillors)
Pam Smith
Harry Hickmott
Ken Mulholland
Jean Curteis
Matthew Freeman

Tenterden South Ward (5 councillors)
Callum Knowles
Lisa Lovelidge
Nic Gooch
Roy Isworth
John Crawford
Tenterden North Ward (4 councillors)
Justin Nelson
Sue Ferguson
Henry Edwards
Alan Sugden
Tenterden West Ward (2 councillors)
Catherine Walder
Mike Carter 

Ashford Borough Council Ward Members
North Ward: Paul Clokie, OBE 
South Ward: Callum Knowles
St Michaels Ward: John Link
Rolvenden & West Ward: Mike Bennett 

Kent County Councillor
Mike Hill, OBE 
Member of Parliament
Damian Green MP 
Tenterden Town Council
Tenterden Town Council
24 High Street
Tenterden Kent TN30 6AN
United Kingdom
Tenterden Town Council Tenterden Town Council
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