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Tenterden Town Council
24 High Street
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6AN
United Kingdom

The Town Hall is now closed for refurbishment and the office staff have moved to new non-public access offices. You can contact the Town Council by telephone 01580 762271 Monday to Friday 9.00am-4.00pm, or face to face at Highbury Hall on the first and third Wednesdays of the month between 2pm and 4pm & every Friday between 10am and 11am, or at the Coffee Pad on Sayers Lane on a Tuesday & Thursday from 10am to 11am. Town Council meetings which are open to the public (Planning, Finance & General Purposes, Town Council) will be held at Highbury Hall, Highbury Lane, Tenterden. See https://www.mytenterden.co.uk/events/tenterden-town-council-meetings-listing-566-119556.aspx

The Town Council's central role is to act in the interest of the whole community by making decisions and recommendations to improve the quality of life, the town and its environment. The Town Council serves as the main link between the people of Tenterden and the district authority, Ashford Borough Council.
The town council consists of 16 councillors, elected by the community to decide collectively, how the council should carry out its various activities. Councillors represent the public interest as well as the individuals living within the ward in which he or she has been elected to serve a term of office.
The activities and decisions of the town council are implemented by a small team of staff, led by the Town Clerk. The staff team consists of administrative staff who enable the town council to operate, to fulfil its statutory duties and manage and make the best of its resources. The team is based in the Town Hall, which as well as being a hireable venue acts as a service hub for local residents and provides a small tourist information function. The town council’s Maintenance Team undertakes duties in and around the town, focusing on maintaining and caring for council land and properties, ranging from public buildings, gardens and play areas to Kiln Field, the town’s nature reserve.
Tenterden Town Council as an organisation dates back hundreds of years. Records exist dating as far back as 1449, when the town was granted borough status by King Henry VI. Tenterden is a member of the historic Confederation of Cinque Ports, as a limb of Rye.
Tenterden Town Council News
Officers and Staff
Town Clerk: Debbie Baines
Deputy Town Clerk: Claire Gilbert
Accounts Clerk: Sharon Smith
Admin Assistant: Karen Gay
Admin Assistant: Lesley Owers
Business and Tourism Officer: Virginia Hodge ("Ginny")
Civic Ceremonial
Sergeant at Mace: David Lay
Maintenance Team 
Site Maintenance Manager: David Bourner
Maintenance Team Worker:  Andy Corcoran
Maintenance Worker: Roger Finniss
Maintenance Worker:  
Town Councillors 

There are 16 Town Councillors who are unpaid local people and are elected by the local people. These volunteers put themselves forward for election to represent the community and give their time freely and willingly for the benefit of the whole town.

Tenterden is divided into four wards:

  • St Michaels
  • Tenterden South
  • Tenterden North
  • Tenterden West

St Michaels Ward (5 councillors)
Vic Cole
Jean Curteis
Harry Hickmott
Ken Mulholland
Pam Smith

Tenterden South Ward (4 councillors)
Andrew Holcombe, Deputy Mayor 2023-24
Bryan Hirst
Andy Keates
Nikki Gooch
Tenterden North Ward (5 councillors)
Mike Carter
Sue Ferguson, Mayor of Tenterden 2023-24
Justin Nelson
Jane Mills
David Ward
Tenterden West Ward (2 councillors)
Kayleigh Brunger-Randall
Stuart Medcalf

Ashford Borough Council Ward Members
North Ward: Ken Mulholland, Conservative
South Ward: Pam Smith, Conservative
St Michaels Ward: John Link, Conservative
Rolvenden & West Ward: Kate Walder, Green Party

Kent County Councillor
Mike Hill, OBE, Conservative 
Member of Parliament
Damian Green MP, Conservative 
Tenterden Town Council
Tenterden Town Council
24 High Street
Tenterden Kent TN30 6AN
United Kingdom
Tenterden Town Council Tenterden Town Council
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