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Tenterden Timeline

735 Approximate date of death of St Mildred, Abbess of Minster-in-Thanet (owners of the Tenterden area - the "den of Thanet folk" - Tenet-wara-den)

840 Approximate date of total destruction of Minster Abbey. The presumption is that the church dedication to St Mildred must precede this

968 Charter of sale of the Heronden estate - Tenterden's oldest original written document

Conquest period - written records suggest Tenterden church was paying certain church fees in the Saxon period

1180 First written record of a Rector in Tenterden church - Hugo the Norman

1180-1200 approx. - the earliest masonry visible in the present St Mildred's church

1252 Serious riot (1 death) in churchyard during dispute over who had the right to present a Vicar to Tenterden's church.

1305 Edward 1 ("Hammer of the Scots") visited Tenterden when he came to inspect the works for draining for the Walland Marsh

1305 The Prince of Wales, the future Edward II, stayed in Tenterden when he and his close friend Piers Gaveston were banished from court in disgrace for killing a bishop's deer. Both ultimately came to a grim end

1416 Henry V probably made several visits to Tenterden's shipyards. Certainly he was at Smallhythe in 1416 when he received the news of naval victory at Harfleur. His ship "Jesus" (claimed to be 1,000 tons) may have been the largest built at Smallhythe

1449 1 August 1449 Henry VI granted the town and hundred of Tenterden its original charter confirmed by Edward IV in 1463

1449 Tenterden became a member of the Cinque Ports

1461 St Mildred's Church Tower constructed

1465 Construction of St Mildred's Church tower commenced

1487 Henry VII visited Reading Street in August 1487 to oversee the building of "The Regent"

1514 Fire destroys Smallhythe

1521 Grammar school opened

1538 Henry VIII came to Tenterden, probably on his way to Smallhythe. His ship "The Grand Mistress" similar to "The Mary Rose" was built there in 1545

1600 Elizabeth I granted the town a new charter

1635 Tenterden families emigrated to New England

1661 Tenterden Court Hall burnt down

1662 George Hawe set up the Presbyterian Church (now the Unitarian Church)

1700 William III issued a replacement charter, after the original was list in a fire in 1661

1730 The Angel Inn renamed the Six Bells (later Eight Bells)

1768 Tenterden Annuity Society formed

1770 the church peal was increased

1792 Tenterden Brewery started by Isaac and Thankful Cloake

1836 Inauguration of Tenterden Borough Council

1843 National School opened

1846 Workhouse opened in Union Lane

1863 Boresisle renamed St Michaels

1863 Building of St Michael's Church

1871 High Street avenue of trees planted

1875 Soup kitchen set up in Jacksons Lane

1903 The Rother Valley Railway became the Kent & East Sussex Railway

1903 Tenterden Town Station opened

1905 Tenterden to Headcorn railway line opened to traffic on 15 May 1905

1912 The old cinema was built (now the Fairings)

1934 St Andrews RC Church opened

1935 The Duchess of York opened the Service Training Centre at St Michaels Grange

1937 The Embassy Cinema opened

1949 500th anniversary of the Town Charter

1949 Homewood School opened

1950 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother stopped at the Town Hall on her way from Cranbrook and Benenden

1954 Rail passenger services discontinued

1974 Tenterden became part of the new Ashford Borough Council

1982 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother visited Tenterden Railway Station

1987 The Great Storm

1990 Princess Diana officially opened the Leisure Centre

2000 The Millennium Garden opened

2004 Tenterden Town sign erected

2007 Tour de France competitors cycled through Tenterden

2013 A serious fire occurred on 5th November 2013 in Tenterden High Street

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