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"The following is a selection of home movies taken by my father in and around Tenterden Kent from 1949 into the 1950s ; due to the age of the film the quality is variable" "M Parsons & Son present ..."
Bill Parsons 
Tenterden 1949-1953 (approx.) 

The Coronation Mayor of Tenterden, Cllr Stanley J. Day Jr 0.28
Stanley Day although a very busy farmer of this Ancient Borough, is always prepared to give his time and energy in the service of Tenterden 1.05
Mayoral Sunday 24 May 1953 1.50
Coronation 1953 Celebrations at Tenterden 4.04
United Service at St Mildred's Church 4.18
Motor Cycle Gymkhana 5.39
Dancing in the High Street, Children's Fancy Dress Parade 6.27
Tenterden Fire Brigade - answer the call promptly 7.17
British School 8.00
KESR 8.08
Snow in Tenterden 9.40
Harvest 10.08
Threshing out the Corn Harvest by the "Blower" 10.08
Hop Harvest at Lower Knockwood, Tenterden, 11.23
Tenterden Harvest Thanksgiving Service at The Old Meeting Unitarian Chapel 13.32
Tenterden Gala Day 15.00
A Wedding at St Mildred's Church 17.00
Tenterden Gala Day marching band - early Twinning links (French miners from Sains-en-Gohelle (near Bethune, Pas-de-Calais) visit Tenterden)
The Hunt
KESR Train 32636 25.54
KESR 32678 Branch Line Society Rail Tour 26.07
Livestock Auction 26.54
Homewood School 28.21
Morning Assembly 29.20
Open Day
Lunch on the Terrace 29.37
Prize Giving on the Lawn 30.02
House Teas on the Lawn 32.00 Caxton House, Drury House
Terry Tea 32.19
Homewood Activities, sports
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