Tenterden Karate Jutsu Kai

Tenterden Karate Jutsu Kai
Tenterden, Kent TN30
United Kingdom


Tenterden Karate Jutsu Kai, Tenterden Karate and Kickboxing, All ages and abilities welcome

We train on Friday evenings 6-7pm at Tenterden Leisure Centre

Discipline is a vital aspect of Karate Jutsu Kai. The discipline your child will learn through Karate Jutsu Kai training will prove useful at school and in other areas of life.
Through Karate Jutsu Kai your child will learn the importance of preparation. This skill will help your child reach his or her potential at school and throughout their life.
Focus is another key element in all learning and is vital to Karate Jutsu Kai . Karate Jutsu Kai training will teach your child to stay focused and help them to achieve in school, in training and in life in general.
Karate Jutsu Kai  teaches your child the important skill of setting achievable goals. When your child sets goals in school, in training or in other areas of life and succeeds in reaching them he or she will gain in self confidence.
Physical activity
Research shows that physically active children learn better and more readily. Karate Jutsu Kai strengthens the memory and concentration and provides a perfect outlet for excess energy 
Karate Jutsu Kai promotes all of these life skills in a safe, fun and structured environment 
Karate Jutsu Kai is more than just a sport 
Tenterden Karate Jutsu Kai
Tenterden Karate Jutsu Kai

Tenterden Kent TN30 6RA
United Kingdom

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