Tenterden Hopper Service

Tenterden Hopper Bus
c/o Tenterden Social Hub
Tenterden, Kent TN30
United Kingdom

Tenterden Hopper Service, part of a one-year KCC pilot scheme to improve rural bus services; the service started on 17 June 2019
The Tenterden Hopper Service is run by Tenterden Social Hub. The charge for using the Hopper Service in Tenterden is £2 for an adult and £1 for a child per journey (bus passes can be used). The Tenterden pilot scheme serves 10 villages with four different routes:
• Shirkoak – Rare Breed Centre – Tenterden
• Shrubcote – Leigh Green – Appledore – Stone in Oxney – Tenterden
• Rolvenden – Rolvenden Layne – Tenterden
• East End – Benenden – Iden Green – Tenterden

It works like a normal bus service; it follows a set route, stops at all marked stops and charges fares per person. The hopper service serves all marked stops along the route, as well as offering a 'hail and ride' service for more rural areas. The KCC pilot will run for 12 months and we encourage people to use the services, or risk losing them. There are 4 routes each ending at The Vine, Tenterden. 

The service will run Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, from Monday 17 June and is being operated in partnership with the Tenterden Social Hub. Contact the Tenterden Social Hub for service information.
Tenterden Hopper Service timetable 
Tenterden Hopper Bus
Tenterden Hopper
c/o Tenterden Social Hub
Tenterden Kent TN30
United Kingdom

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