Tenterden Family Fun Trail

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Tenterden Family Fun Trail
5 Family Fun Trail Levels
  • Spotters Quiz
  • Photo Match Ups
  • Strike a Pose
  • Colour-in Coat of Arms
  • Crest Counting Challenge
SPOTTERS QUIZ - Earn a Badge
Ten Spotters Quiz Questions marked in red along the Trail. Take your answers, finished or not, to the Tenterden Museum in Statino Road to claim a “Wheels of Time” badge. For Tenterden Museum see >>> here 
PHOTO MATCH UPS - 5 matches to find
Marked in yellow on the Trail. Tick them off as you go along.
  • No. 50 High Street (front)
    Match up the toll gate to the milestone across the High Street.
  • No. 50 High Street (back)
    Be careful to behave well! For centuries wrong-doers in the town were locked up in this Gaol House. Match up the jail bars in the window.
  • No.18 High Street
    A school for Tenterden children, built 500 years ago for £10. Match up the wooden Tudor Roses.
  • No. 7 High Street
    200 years ago, someone chose to have these pretty windows and front door. Match up a strange doorknocker, and two ladies with huge hair.
  • No. 2 West Cross
    Historical House of Kent. Match up some Mathematical Tiles
STRIKE A POSE - Find a favourite town spot.
Take your group selfie. With parental permission, go online and share your photo on social media. Please tag us in!
Download the Family Fun Trail >>> here
How many town crests - any size anywhere - can you spot them? More than 20?
Download the Family Fun Trail >>> here
Download the Family Fun Trail >>> here
Tenterden Family Fun Trail
Tenterden Family Fun Trail
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