Tenterden Community Land Trust

Tenterden Community Land Trust
Tenterden, Kent TN30
United Kingdom

Tenterden Community Land Trust
Tenterden Community Land Trust Steering Group
Terms of Reference

Mission Statement
To establish a Community Land Trust (CLT) for the purpose of securing provision of housing in Tenterden that is responsive to the needs of the community, as distinct from provision through the general housing market, and to secure this local needs housing in perpetuity for the benefit of current and future generations.


A Working Group has come together in response to a shared concern that the housing market may not provide accommodation affordable by local residents and particularly (but not exclusively) younger people and families. It will:
  • Investigate, evaluate, and recommend to the community of Tenterden, potential mechanisms that may be available to deliver affordable local needs housing in perpetuity.
  • In pursuit of the above, liaise and cooperate with responsible statutory bodies and other agencies charged by government with support for such endeavours, including Tenterden Town Council, Ashford Borough Council (specifically planning and housing departments), Action with Communities in Rural Kent, and the Community Land Trust Network.
  • Illuminate the nature of housing needs in Tenterden by commissioning a Local Needs
Housing Survey
  • Raise funds to establish the Tenterden Community Land Trust as an incorporated organisation and recruit its members.
  • Seek the views and suggestions of the local community on the issue of local housing need and subsequently the mechanisms that may be identified to address it.

The maximum membership of the group is nine. New members of the Steering Group can join if approved by existing members following a written request to the Chair. Members will be volunteers who have a demonstrable association with Tenterden, and sympathy with the aims of the Steering Group. Present members of the Steering Group (listed below) all have a long standing connection with the local area, and offer experience in law, planning, housing, and development. The Town Council is represented in an advisory capacity.

Mark Ellender, Chair
Vacant Secretary
Andrew Weaver, Finance
Martin Vink, Member
John Cowell, Member
Richard Powell, Member
Justin Nelson, TTC Nominated Councillor
Mike Carter, TTC Nominated Councillor

Meeting Arrangements

The Steering Group shall appoint a Chair, and maintain summary notes of its meetings which will be circulated amongst members. It shall endeavour to reach decisions by consensus but if unable to do so a majority will prevail. The Chair will determine any matters of procedure relating to its meetings and administration and have a casting vote in the event of a tie. The Steering Group shall meet as the Chair determines. Meetings shall require a quorum of three members in order to conduct business and make decisions.


As it deems appropriate the Steering Group will report its activities to the community, either orally or in writing (including press releases), or via its website.

Resources Management

Such resources as the Steering Group shall raise shall be used for the purposes set out herein.

Review of Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference for the Steering Group will be reviewed periodically and in
particular upon the creation of an incorporated CLT.
Tenterden Community Land Trust
Community Land Trust

Tenterden Kent TN30
United Kingdom

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