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Returning from the Boer War 1901 Tenterden

Soldiers returning from fighting in the Boer War. The heroes were welcomed by the Mayor of Tenterden, and Privates Millen and Watson were pulled in triumph in the decorated mayor’s carriage through the streets of Tenterden by members of the local fire brigade. 1901


Tenterden Cricket Week 1901

Tenterden Cricket Week. Tenterden v Great Chart, at Morghew Park, Tenterden, on Saturday 17 August 1901
Back Row (L to R): G Hilder, F Pellatt, ______, C de Foe Baker, ______, TE Rammell
Seated (L to R): Dr RA Skinner, AE Bishop, WH Dixon, GH Baker
Front (L to R): ______, A Wenham
The three other players are AL Poile, AE Baker and HE Scoones
Tenterden 255-9dec (A E Bishop 73)
Great Chart 139, Tenterden won by 116 runs

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