Starfish Malawi Charity at Tenterden Rotary Club

Bill Ferguson, Tenterden Rotary Club

Tenterden Rotary Club speakers Sally Bickersteth and Chris Knott
Starfish Malawi Charity
26 January 2017

We take clean drinking water for granted. In other parts of the world people are not so lucky. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and to help the people who live there to become self sufficient, education is vital. In order to provide education there has to be a supportive infrastructure on top of the basic needs such as water, food and shelter. The region where the charity focuses much of its effort has seen an increase in population and there is a desperate need for more water. Tenterden Rotary Club is involved in a project to sink a second borehole that will be used to extract water from an underground aquifier.

Sally Bickersteth and Chris Knott from Starfish Malawi came to talk to us about their work and explained how water, sanitation and education are key features of the work done by this faith-based charity. Read more on their website

Photos: Tenterden Rotary Club President Clive Wilson, with Sally Bickersteth and Chris Knott  from Starfish Malawi

Bill Ferguson, Tenterden Rotary Club Press Officer
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