Plurenden Manor Farm

Plurenden Manor Farm
Plurenden Lane
High Halden, Kent TN26 3JW
United Kingdom

Plurenden Manor Farm
Producer becomes supplier
A local family run dairy farm producing award winning milk and dairy products which can be purchased online - domestic or wholesale. We have a local doorstep delivery service every Tuesday & Friday and attend local markets too.   

Plurenden Manor Farm Dairy Produce

Available from:
  • Direct from the farm at our farm shop. Open 7 days a week. Stocking all of our own dairy produce - whole, semi skimmed, skimmed milk & double cream - in addition to our own hens eggs, Kentish ice cream, sweet & savoury pies, chutneys, jams and seasonal vegetables. Bring change to purchase & leave your money in the tin
  • Local markets - Tenterden Market Square (every Friday 8am - 2pm), Ashford (first Sunday of the month 10am-2pm), Lenham Market (2nd Sunday of the month 9am-1pm)
  • Doorstep delivery service on Tuesdays and Fridays within a ten mile radius of the farm to businesses and households. For household deliveries we aim to have our produce on your doorstep by 7am. Set up a regular delivery subscription
  • Online shop, place your order online or email us via the "contact" button above 
Dairy Produce 
  • Whole Milk It’s the creamiest of our milks and perfect for drinking, making hot chocolate, using in coffee, pouring on cereal, & cooking with. 
  • Semi Skimmed Milk The same milk as our whole milk, but a shade under 2% fat – good for pouring on your cereal & in your tea, as well as drinking ice cold.
  • Skimmed Milk Still our award winning milk, but with pretty much all the fat removed – even so, it’s got just as much calcium as whole & semi skimmed so just the job for growing strong bones & under 1% fat.
  • Mini Milk Using our whole milk, Plurenden ‘Mini Milk’ are perfect for milk shakes. Simply add a straw & quench your thirst! 
  • Double Cream Double cream this delicious could only come from contented cows that graze homegrown forage at their own pace. It’ll whip up into soft peaks, or pour it thickly from the pot and smother your pudding.
  • Butter Our proper butter has a little bit of salt added for flavour. Perfect on hot toast with a cup of tea. 

Pedigree Plurenden Manor Holstein Friesians - black and whites and red and whites and Dutch Fleckveihs
Plurenden Manor Farm
Plurenden Partnership
Plurenden Lane
High Halden Kent TN26 3JW
United Kingdom
Plurenden Manor Farm Plurenden Partnership
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