Paul Butler Personal Trainer

Paul Butler Personal Trainer
Personal Training in Tenterden

  • Would you like to lose weight?
  • Or, perhaps, gain muscle and feel stronger?
  • Do you suffer with aches and pains or poor posture?
  • Would you like to be fitter but are lacking in knowledge or motivation?
  • Are you training for a specific sports event?
If the answer to any of these is "yes" then you could certainly benefit from working with Paul.

  • Exercise, training and nutritional advice, tailored to your needs.
  • At a location and time of your choice.
  • Free initial consultation.
£50 per one-hour session or £450 for 10 sessions.

“Be good to your body; spend a few hours a week, no matter how busy you are, looking after yourself.”
Paul Butler Fitness
07899 693446 
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