Patient Participation Group at Ivy Court Surgery

Ivy Court Surgery PPG
Recreation Ground Road
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6RB
United Kingdom

Patient Participation Group (PPG)
Ivy Court Surgery in Tenterden
It is important for patients to have a “voice” to express collectively to the Practice the patient’s view of what Ivy Court does well, or could do better. The PPG receives feedback from patients and presents to the Practice the collective voice of the patient population. The NHS requires each GP Practice to have a PPG to help the Surgery provide the best possible service to patients, doctors and staff.
To contact the PPG please send an email >>> here or write a letter (please mark 'PPG') please either hand in at the reception or post to Ivy Court Surgery, Recreation Ground Road, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6RB
To read and/or subscribe to the PPG Newsletter please go >>>here 
Ivy Court Surgery PPG
Patient Participation Group (PPG)
Recreation Ground Road
Tenterden Kent TN30 6RB
United Kingdom
Ivy Court Surgery PPG Patient Participation Group (PPG)
Fiona Edwards
Jeny Stevens
Sue Ferguson
Sian Reeves
Tim Marton
Arthur Mynott
Lyndsey Webber
Rachel Croft-GOlding
Emma isworth
Keith Warby

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