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Monthly PCSO Update - May 2019
Community Safety Unit| Ashford Police Station | East Division
Kent Police

My monthly PCSO update so you are all aware of what I’ve been up to in your villages or around and about the areas this month, it’s been another busy month with a variety of different call types.

With the Easter holidays and nice weather we have had an increase of calls regarding nuisance youths in different areas of where myself and Luke cover, please can I reassure residents that we do take all calls seriously and we put in intelligence reports on those areas and have stepped up our patrols in those areas as well as making our Tasking team aware of those areas.

We have had a few calls about these small silver capsules known as Nitrous Oxide that have been found in your villages, parks and various areas. Unfortunately they are not illegal, but they are not safe either, as they can cause dizziness and also effect the takers judgment, creating a risk of accidents. In large quantities it can cause the user to faint, they can also cause serious nerve damage or even sudden death. If you are aware your children are using these, please educate them of the dangers. We are also in talks with the schools to make sure they can also educate the kids of the dangers as well.
Other calls we have had over the month, especially as we are in the middle of lambing season. Is “Dogs Worrying Sheep” we take these calls very seriously and work closely with the Rural Liaison Team. Owners of dogs need to remember that it is a criminal offence to allow a dog to worry livestock. Dogs should be kept under control at all times, because even the friendliest dog can attack livestock when their instincts kick in. Dogs don’t have to physically attack sheep to cause devastating side effects. Pregnant ewes often miscarry their lambs if they have been chased. Farmers are within their rights to shoot dogs if they believe it is the only reasonable way to stopping them worrying their sheep, no farmers want to shoot dogs. Dog owners of these incidents have been spoken to and I also work closely with the Dog Warden from Ashford Borough Council who is also aware.

There has also been an increase of residents reporting that they have been scammed by internet or telephone fraudsters, please all be aware here are some information to be aware of.


Fraud and cybercrime often affects the most vulnerable in our community but anyone can become a target. It’s important you know how to protect yourself and your family. Victims often feel embarrassed about what has happened but there is no reason to be and it’s important you tell us. Reporting fraud help us understand new techniques and put out warnings, investigate incidents and put people before the courts. In the UK we have a centralised fraud reporting centre called Action Fraud. They record all incidents and provide specialist support advice.

Report Fraud:
Via 101 or via report a crime or Action Fraud or 0300 123 2040.

There are many other different types of fraud:

- Company identity theft
- Courier Fraud
- Dating Fraud
- Investment Fraud
- Mandate Fraud
- Money scams
- Recovery Fraud
- Virtual office Fraud

Protect yourself against fraud:

- Never disclose any personal information about yourself.
- Never disclose any passwords.
- Never open or reply to emails that you don’t know who is from.
- never send money or give credit card or bank details or online account details to anyone you don’t know well and trust completely.

More information on these can be found on the Kent Police website

It’s has been a busy month, with a lot of the parishes I cover having their Annual General Meetings, this is always a good time to meet some of the residents and explain what has been happening in your parishes over the year and also highly how important it is to report things that are going on, as if things are not reported in the correct way I.e. via 101 or 999 in an emergency or on the online reporting system we don’t know it’s going on. I try and get to as many meetings as I possibly can depending on operational needs, the same applies to monthly parish meetings.

Over the Easter break across the areas that we cover, there have been a few break-in where residents have been away and also Bethersden Cricket Club has had equipment stolen, all of these are ongoing investigation. Please can I ask residents to report anything that doesn’t look right? Via 101 or

A few secure guides for your home.

• Lock doors and windows when you go out or are in the garden.
• Never leave keys or valuables on display near windows or doors.
• Avoid keeping large amounts of cash at home.
• Photograph and security mark valuable items and keep receipts somewhere safe.
• Consider fitting intruder alarms, door chains.
• Don’t open the door to unexpected callers use a door chain and check their identify first.
• Cancel milk and papers when you go away, and use timer switches on lights and radios to give the impression someone is home.
• Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property while away.
PCSO Kate Richards
PCSO Luke Jones
Community Safety Unit| Ashford Police Station | East Division
Kent Police

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