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Mole and Squirrel Control
Kathleen Pentley

Headcorn Kent
United Kingdom
Mole and Squirrel Control Kathleen Pentley
As a mole catcher my job is to remove the “little man in velvet” from places where he is causing a problem or creating a danger for land users. My main tools are a probe, a trowel and several types of trap.
When I arrive at a site I take time to look around to see where mole is moving or living. He lives underground so I’m on the lookout for recent molehills, which are not always obvious, and signs of runs. Molehills are only spoil and dung heaps to mole, it’s the runs underground where he will be caught. I use the probe to locate the run and confirm the direction of travel and then I dig down and set the appropriate trap. After that it’s a question of time.
Grey squirrels are survivors; they look cute and fluffy but can do a lot of damage to houses, gardens, bird feeders and to birds themselves, predating on eggs and chicks.
When I arrive on site the householder will tell me where the major activity is happening and I set out baited cages to trap and despatch the offenders.
Why do I do my job? I do not undertake it lightly but these pests can cause a lot of anxiety and stress to those plagued with them and it gives me a measure of satisfaction that by following an ancient tradition and responsibly removing these pests I can relieve that stress give my clients back their garden to enjoy.

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Mole and Squirrel Control
Traditional mole and squirrel control. No poisons used.
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