Tenterden Counselling Service

Tenterden Counselling Service
Milroy House Sayers Lane
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6BW
United Kingdom


COVID UPDATE. Help with couples counselling, depression, stress, loneliness, loss & bereavement, family problems, abuse or other issues.

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore problems or issues with someone trained to listen without fear of rejection or judgment. Counselling provides an acceptance of people whoever they are. A counsellor aims to help each person find their own strengths to cope with change and to find resolutions for difficulties. Counselling allows space to explore thoughts and feelings about oneself and about relationships with others

Confidential counselling may help if you are:

- Suffering from depression or low moods, stress, anxiety or are finding life hard to cope with - Lacking confidence or suffering from low self-esteem or loneliness
- Experiencing bereavement of any kind, maybe through death, or redundancy, or divorce or retirement
- Experiencing difficulties or issues around divorce, adoption, family members or the workplace
- Troubled by events or memories from the past, maybe having suffered abuse or other trauma which you are finding it difficult to talk about.
We also offer couples counselling for those in a relationship who wish to work through their problems together with a trained counsellor.
Our clients may be referred to us by their GP, their employer or occupational health service or they may self refer.
Each counselling session costs over £40 for us to provide so we look to our clients to make donations towards these costs. We do not make a profit from our services and will never turn away anyone who is unable to pay. Some clients will be able to donate more than others
Counselling appointments are currently held at: Tenterden Counselling Service, Milroy House, Sayers Lane, Tenterden, TN30 6BW
TCS is a registered charitable trust offering confidential counselling at an affordable cost. The service relies mainly on donations from clients to pay for the running costs which include accommodation, administrative costs, full and proper training for our counsellors and ensuring the highest level of clinical supervision.
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