Lewis J Brockway Professional photographer

Lewis J Brockway photographer
Ashford, Kent TN26
United Kingdom


Professional photographer
Lewis J Brockway ... we are always prepared for the next challenge, call us: 07522 542254 and 07724 126035

What we do
Live events and concerts, product, food, PR and location photography

How we do it
We use high-end, full frame, digital reflex cameras with professional lenses to achieve the highest picture quality. Each image goes through a two-stage editing process to pull together all the elements to produce an image of outstanding quality

Tethered shooting
The client is constantly informed as to what appears in the cameras viewfinder. Wireless tethering is used so frame by frame the client is involved in the production process

Where do we do it
We can travel to any location in the south east region, this is one of the things we specialise in. When required we carry along our full range of BOWENS professional lighting. This system is big enough to light any subject, (we recently had to light and shoot in Battle Abbey ), or can be small enough to light a single cup of coffee. Light modifiers create any style of lighting from very soft to hard spotlight effects
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