Kent Towns Audit - Tenterden - Report by Sustrans

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Kent Towns Audit - Tenterden - a Report by Sustrans covering Cycling and Walking Network Recommendations in Tenterden. Sustrans is the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle. "We connect people and places, create liveable neighbourhoods, transform the school run and deliver a happier, healthier commute. Join us on our journey."

Kent Towns Audit - Tenterden
Report by Sustrans June 2018
Covered in the report:

Proposed Network
Description of the Town: Economy, Transport, Ashford Local Plan 2030, Policy SP1 - Strategic Objectives, Transport paragraph 5.216, Policy TRA5 - Planning for Pedestrians, Policy TRA6 - Provision for Cycling, Policy S24 - Tenterden Southern Extension
Phase B, Barriers to Walking and Cycling, Opportunities for Walking and Cycling, Town Wide Recommendations
Route A Colonel Stephens Greenway
Route B Recreation Ground and Chalk Avenue
Route C Colonel Stephens Way – High Street
Route D St. Benets Way - Homewood School
Route E Turners Avenue - Golden Square
Route F Eastwell Meadows - KESR Station
Route G Sandy Lane
Route H Recreation Ground Road
Route J Bells Lane – Recreation Ground Road
Route K Sandy Lane – Appledore Road
A28 High Street - Ashford Road
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Report December 2008
Headcorn to Tenterden Cycleway: A feasibility study for Kent County Council in December 2008. Sustrans was commissioned by Kent County Council to investigate possible routes for pedestrians and cyclists along former railway line from Tenterden to Headcorn, see
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