Kent Police

Kent Police
Tenterden, Kent TN30
United Kingdom

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East Division - Ashford and Shepway 

The Community Safety Units (CSUs) for Shepway and Ashford deal with local crime and safety issues.  Officers in the CSUs work alongside staff from other agencies, including Shepway District Council and Ashford Borough Council. They aim to create a safe environment for you by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. Working alongside your local PCSO, the CSUs have an important role in community policing.

Local District Policing Team
This is a group of officers who: 
• respond to calls for assistance after you've called 999 or 101
• investigate local crime
• carry out patrols
* Our Force Control Room is the first point of contact if you call Kent Police for help. Ring 999 for emergency calls or 101 for non-emergency calls. 

The local PCSOs for Tenterden & St Michaels are PCSO Kate Richards, PCSO Carin Andrews, and PCSO Luke Jones who is currently on a 6 month attachment to the Kent Police Tasking Team
Report a Crime Online
Report a crime, incident or non-injury RTC in minutes and receive a confirmation email and reference number immediately.
Kent Police
Kent Police

Tenterden Kent TN30
United Kingdom
Kent Police Kent Police

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