Julian Harrison Web Development Tutoring

Julian Harrison Web Development Tutoring
4 Jubilee Apartments Bridewell Lane
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6EY
United Kingdom


As one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, web development is a great industry to be working in and can be very rewarding both financially and for job satisfaction.

The difficulty with starting a career as a web developer is the learning process as there are no degree's or college courses in specific web languages (computer science being the closest thing), this leaves those looking to pursue a career with the fall-back option of online courses which serve a purpose and are another great tool in learning.
The problem with online courses is the inability to ask specific questions and raise points as you are merely following an online plan. I offer one to one teaching in front end web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript including the JQuery library. I am able to take a student from absolute beginner to building their own websites in pure code, offering constant support during the tutoring session and away from it.

My price is £45 per hour which includes full support.


Julian Harrison

 Julian Harrison

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