International Justice Mission

Tenterden Rotary Club

International Justice Mission, Martin Collings speaker 6 April 2017

Martin Collings spoke about the work of International Justice Mission (IJM) and the impact that it is having on reducing slavery. There are some 46 million children and adults enslaved today, roughly half of whom are sex slaves. IJM’s work has two sides. On the one hand it is involved in directly rescuing slaves, rehabilitating them and bring their oppressors to justice. On the other hand it is working with the local police and justice systems to strengthen them to bring the cycle of violence against the poor to an earlier end. The measured result in Cambodia has been a 75% reduction in the number of children being used in the sex trade there. Slavery is illegal in every country but it is also present in every country (including our own) and it needs all of us to raise awareness and take action to bring it to an end.

Photo: Clive Wilson (President Tenterden Rotary Club) with Martin Collings
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