Gill Bridgestock Metal Artist


Gill Bridgestock Metal Artist
Pewter, Copper & Silver
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Gill Bridgestock works with abstract conceptual forms that are hugely influenced by the sea and the natural world. She interprets the rough and smooth textures of rock pools, riverbeds and the movement of water which is of constant fascination to her.

Gill's sculptural pieces represent a suggestion of a captured movement, a flowing form stretching or curling. She works in two ways, with pewter in its molten state that is worked quickly then it is further worked extensively once cool to achieve its final appearance. 
Her more sculptural pieces are made using pewter sheet, silver or copper to capture movement of the piece which is achieved using traditional silversmithing tools and techniques including the relatively new technique known as fold-forming.
Galleries & Shops
The Silver Sheep
New Kent Art Gallery & Studio
West End House Gallery
Avocet Gallery
Smallhythe Studio 
Gill Bridgestock Metal Artist
Gill Bridgestock
3 Station Road
Tenterden Kent TN30 6HN
United Kingdom
Gill Bridgestock Metal Artist Gill Bridgestock
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I work in precious metals including pewter & other metals used for sculpture. Sculptural pewterware for the home also jewellery.

Gill Bridgestock

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