Education in South Sudan - Tenterden Rotary Club

Bill Ferguson, Tenterden Rotary Club
Tenterden Rotary Club speaker Dr Margaret Griffin
15 September 2016
Dr Margaret Griffin gave an illustrated talk on the subject of Education in South Sudan. Sharing her own experiences of a school in Juba (the capital) that she visits regularly we learned how in co-operation with the local Rotary club and with funding from donations, the school is flourishing and the students are reaching unprecedented levels of academic achievement. Sudanese society traditionally favours boys and Margaret was especially proud of some of the girls who given the opportunity, were able to go on to higher levels of education and subsequently attend university.
Photo1: Clive Wilson (president Tenterden Rotary Club) and Dr Margaret Griffin (Rotary Club of Canterbury)
Photo2: (from the website Prize Day at the school
Bill Ferguson, Tenterden Rotary Club Press Officer   
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