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Donations raised so far stand at £24,450
November 2018

The Poppy Appeal in Tenterden and St Michaels has had amazing success in this special Centenary year. At the time of writing, total donations received stand at £24,450 (WOW!) - way beyond our expectations, even in this Centenary year. With some still to come, we may yet creep over the incredible total of £25,000.

For a community of 8000 people, this is unbelievable!

Thanks go to all who helped achieve this - to the volunteers who braved the weather to collect; to the shops and outlets, who took our trays and boxes; to the schools and youth organizations, who supported us enthusiastically; to Tesco and Waitrose, who gave generous access to our collectors; to Tenterden Town Council for the use of their premises; to all those who organized events to support the Appeal. Above all, we pay tribute to the residents of Tenterden and St Michael's who gave so generously to the Appeal.

However, whatever the financial result of the Appeal, this is not only about the money raised, important though that this is for the Armed Forces community. Above all, "You have remembered Them".

Roger Thomas
Poppy Appeal Organiser, Tenterden and St Michaels
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