Badsha Indian Restaurant Tenterden

Badsha Indian Restaurant
10 West Cross
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6JL
United Kingdom

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Food Hygiene Rating, 5 STARS

Winner Euro Asia Curry Award, Best Chef of the Year 2019 

Badsha Indian Restaurant Tenterden


Badsha Indian Restaurant Tenterden

Established in 1986, Badsha has talented chefs and friendly staff who have immense experience and substantial knowledge in Indian cuisine. We can guide you through our extensive and mouth-watering menu! Whether you’re ordering a takeaway or eating in our Indian restaurant, we strive to make the correct choice for your palate. Please inform our staff of any allergies when placing your order: Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Crustaceans, Nuts, Hot dishes.  

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Chicken Chat (Hot & sour taste) £4.15
Chicken Tikka Roll (Marinated in spiced yoghurt) £4.15
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £4.15
King Prawn Butterfly £4.95
Prawn Puree (Spiced prawn served with deep fried bread) £4.25
King Prawn Puree £5.95
Samosa (meat or vegetable) £3.95
Onion Bhaji £3.95
Chicken Pakura (Tender chicken cooked in batter sauce) £4.15
Prawn Cocktail £4.15
Reshmee Kebab £4.15
Sheek Kebab £3.95
Stuffed Mushrooms (mushroom with mincemeat) £4.15
Tandoori Chicken (Quarter chicken on the bone) £3.95
Tandoori Mixed Kebab £5.95 (Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab)
Salmon Ka Tikka £5.95 Chunks of pink Scottish salmon matured in a rich spicy marinade consisting of dill, fennel, ginger honey and mustard oil, pan fried
Chicken Cutlets £4.15 Lightly spiced fresh boneless chicken in a chef’s special battered sauce covered in breadcrumbs
Duck Malai Tikka £5.95 Diced boneless duck marinated with fresh ginger, garlic and yoghurt, bar becued in the tandoor
Teen Tara (3 star) £4.15 Consists of baby shabji roll, aloo chops, shabji, samosas with fresh salad, perfect for vegetarians

All Tandoori dishes are marinated overnight in homemade yoghurt, herbs and our unique blend of exotic spices. Grilled to order in our charcoal Clay Oven Tandoor, served with a fresh side salad & mint sauce. Perfect dish for the health conscious.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.75
Tandoori Chicken (half) £7.75
Tandoori Garlic Chicken £8.75
Tandoori King Prawn £12.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill £12.95 A mixed combination of chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, lamb tikka and sheek keba, served with a nan bread.
Chicken or Lamb Shashlik £8.75 Marinated pieces of chicken or lamb Skewered with tomatoes, capsicum and onions.
Malai Chicken Tikka £8.25 Tender cubes of chicken marinated in cream, yoghurt and spices, char-grilled to provide a soft colourless dish with a breathtaking aroma.
Paneer Tikka £7.50 Freshly made Indian cheese char-grilled in the tandoor

(New) Lamb shank £12.95 Baby lamb shank simmered in special gravy & tempered with paanch puron and curry leaves.
(New) Shahi Naga Murgh £8.95 Pieces of chicken delicately prepared with special naga chilli paste & spices, fairly hot.
Chicken Chadnaroo £8.95 Fresh chicken cooked with curry leaves & fresh green chillies. Fairly hot.
Badami Chicken £8.95 Freshly marinated tender chicken cooked with creamy sauce mixed cashew nuts and fresh onions.
Malai Chicken Tikka Mosolla £8.95 Boneless chicken marinated overnight with cheese creamy, very mild.
Kali Mirch Ghost £8.95 Lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes, a hot dish with a touch of red dry chilli.
Chicken Green Mosalla £8.95 Chicken pieces marinated with green spices and cooked with onions.
Duck Sticks £9.95 Fresly marinated duck strips fried with chefs special sauce, fairly dry & spicy.
Chicken madhuri sizzling £9.95 Chicken cooked with medium herbs and spices, finished with drops of honey and served on sizzling korahi dish.
Salmon Delight £9.95 Pieces of fresh salmon fish, deep fried and cooked with onions,
tomatoes, herbs and chef’s own special sauce

Bangladeshi fresh water fish
Fish Curry Medium hot £8.95
Fish Bhuna Medium with thick spicy sauce £8.95
Fish Jalfrezi Very popular Bangladeshi dish. Hot spicy £8.95

Marinated in spiced yoghurt then grilled & cooked with special tandoori sauce
Chicken Tikka Mussallam £8.95
Lamb Tikka Mussallam £8.95
King Prawn Mussallam £12.95
Chicken Chilli Mussallam £8.95 Tender chicken marinated in hot spices & herbs, cooked with fresh green chillies & capsicum in a hot curry sauce
Vegetable Mussallam £7.25
Chicken Pasanda £8.95 Grilled chicken cooked in mild flavoured sauce
Lamb Pasanda £8.95
Chicken Reshmee Makhani £8.95 Barbecued pieces of chicken reshmee in a special butter sauce prepared from mild spices & cream
Butter Chicken £8.95 Pieces of marinated tandoori baked chicken cooked in butter
Chicken Shahi Korma (creamy with egg) £8.95
Lamb Shahi Korma £8.95
King Prawn Delight (very mild cooked with nuts) £12.95

Cooked with roasted green peppers, onions, ginger, coriander & special herbs, medium spiced.
Korai Chicken or Lamb £8.95
Korai King Prawn £12.95
Korai Chicken Tikka Bhuna £8.95
Korai Chicken Rezalla £8.95 Cooked with red pepper, onion, spicy, medium hot
Korai Chicken Podina cooked with mint £8.95
Korai Chicken Shat kora £8.95 Cooked with Bangladeshi tropical citrus fruit
Korai Chicken Achari Chicken with pickled spices £8.95

Balti dishes are said to be a traditional cuisine of the Kashmir and Indus Valleys. The taste of aromatic flavour have become phenomenon in England. Balti is prepared with freshly blended spices mixed with capsicum, onions, tomatoes & flavoured with green herbs. The strength of the dishes can be prepared to your taste.
Balti Chicken/Meat £8.95
Balti Prawn £9.25
Balti King Prawn £12.95
Balti Vegetable £7.75

Beef Curry Medium hot £9.95
Beef Bhuna Medium with thick spicy sauce £9.95
Beef Jalfrezi Very popular Bangladeshi dish. Hot & spicy £9.95

Chicken Bemisal £8.95 A unique dish of smooth spicy chicken tikka, with fresh onion, capsicum & a slight touch of Mr. Naga for a silky bursting aroma. Hot
Lamb Elahi £8.95  Fresh pieces of cubed lamb in a velvety ginger/garlic with cubed onion, red/yellow capsicum and coriander. Medium
Murgh Amm £8.95 Fresh pieces of marinated chicken cooked with mango pulp served as very mild and creamy sauce
Cocktail Mossalla £12.95 A variety dish consist of pieces of spring chicken, tender lamb and fresh king prawn,
medium with fresh capsicum and onion. A traditional mix of its nature
Chicken Mushroom Piaza £8.95 Chicken cooked with a whole mushroom, medium with fresh herbs, onion, tomatoes
Chicken Sagorana £8.95 Tandoori chicken cooked off the bone fairly hot and an additional creamy sauce on top.
Best served once the chicken are mixed with its sauce. This is a hot and creamy dish

This is a very popular Bangladeshi dish, the main ingredients of this chicken preparation are ginger & fresh green chillies. Other ingredients include onion, garlic & fresh coriander
Chicken or Lamb Jhalfrezi £8.95
King Prawn Jhalfrezi £12.95
Adaa Chicken or Lamb £8.95 Cooked with ghee, ginger & fresh spices
Palak Gosth or Chicken Cooked with spinach £7.95

Duck Curry £9.95
Duck Bhuna £9.95
Duck Jalfrezi £9.95
Duck Tikka Mosalla £9.95
Duck Mosalla £9.95

Biryani is a rice based dish. Prepared from saffron basmati rice, cooked in Ghee (clarified butter) with delicate herbs, spices and served with a mixed vegetable curry.
Chicken or Lamb £9.95
Prawn £10.95
King Prawn £12.95
Vegetable £8.95
Mushroom £8.95
Chicken Tikka £10.95
Lamb Tikka £10.95
Badsha Special £12.95 Char-grilled duck pieces cooked with baby potatoes

CURRY A simple medium spiced dish
Chicken or Lamb £6.95
Prawn £7.75
King Prawn £10.95
MADRAS Cooked in a fairly hot and spicy sauce with a touch of lemon juice
Chicken or Lamb £6.95
Prawn £7.75
King Prawn £10.95
KORMA A mild preparation of cream, yoghurt and coconut powder.
Chicken or Lamb £6.95
Prawn £7.75
King Prawn £10.95
ROGON JOSH Medium in strength with lots of tomatoes, onion & fresh herbs.
Chicken or Lamb £7.15
Prawn £7.75
King Prawn £10.95
DUPIAZA Medium hot cooked with diced onion & herbs.
Chicken or Lamb £7.15
Prawn £7.75
King Prawn £10.95
DANSAK A sweet, sour, and fairly spicy dish, cooked with lentils.
Chicken or Lamb £7.15
Prawn £7.75
King Prawn £10.95
BHUNA Medium in strength, blended with spices, tomato, onion & coriander.
Chicken or Lamb £7.15
Prawn £7.75
King Prawn £10.95

Curry 6.50
Korma 6.50
Bhuna 6.50
Dansak 6.50
Jalfrezi 6.50

Shobji bhaji Mixed fried vegetables cooked with herbs £3.95
Onion Bhaji £2.75
GOBI BHAJI Fresh cauliflower with herbs & spices £3.95
ALOO GOBI Fresh cauliflower & potatoes with herbs & spices £3.95
BOMBAY ALOO Sauteed potatoes cooked in medium hot spices £3.95
SAAG BHAJI Fresh spinach with onion and garlic £3.95
SAAG ALOO Fresh spinach with potatoes £3.95
SAAG PANEER Indian cheese with spinach £3.95
MATAR PANEER Indian cheese with green peas £3.95
BHINDI BHAJI Fresh Okra with herbs & spices £3.95
BRINJAL BHAJI Aubergine with onions in medium hot spices £3.95
TARKA DALL Fresh lentils with fried garlic £3.95
CHANA MASSALA Chick peas with onions and spices £3.95
ACHARI ALOO Potatoes sautéed in pickle & spices £3.95
BADAMI GOBI £3.95 Cauliflower sautéed in fresh cream & mild spices

Plain Boiled Rice £2.45
Pilau Rice £2.75
Vegetable Fried Rice £2.95
Mushroom Fried Rice £2.95
Keema Rice (Mincemeat) £2.95
Special Fried Rice (Egg & peas) £2.95
Coconut Rice £2.95
Lemon Rice £2.95
Plain Nan £2.25
Peshwari Nan (Coconut & almonds) £2.95
Garlic Nan £2.95
Keema Nan (Mincedmeat) £2.95
Vegetable Nan £2.95
Chapati £1.75
Tandoori Roti £2.25
Paratha (Unleavened bread fried with butter) £2.75
Stuffed Parat ha (Vegetables) £2.95
Chips £2.25
Plain Poppadom 70p
Spicy Poppadom 70p
Cucumber or Onion Raitha £1.75
Relishes (Each) 70p (Mango Chutney, Mint Sauce, Onion Salad & Pickles

Tandoori Chicken, Sheek Kebab, Lamb Rogon Josh, Chicken Pathia, Pilau Rice & Nan, Bread
Onion Bhaji, Sag Bhaji, Mushroom Bhaji, Aloo Gobi, Cucumber Raita, Pilau Rice & Nan, Bread

Meal 1: For Two Persons £34.95
Papadom, Tandoori Chicken (st),
Sheek Kebab (st),
Chicken Tikka Bhuna, Lamb Pasanda Nawabi,
Fresh Begun Bhaji, Pilau Rice, Nan,
Sweet & Coffee.
Meal 2: For Two Persons £44.95
Papadoms, Tandoori Mixed Kebabs (st), Teen Tara (st), Chicken Tikka Mussallam, Lamb Jhalfrezi, Sag Aloo, Pilau Rice, Nan & Bottle of House Wine (Red/White)

Every Sunday & Thursday
4 Course Meal
Choose Any Starter, Any Main Dish, Any Rice or Bread with Vanila Ice Cream or Coffee.
only £12.95 per person
*Please mention when ordering. Dine in only.
(£2.95 Extra for any King Prawn, Duck and Fish Dishes)

We welcome all major credit cards on orders over £12.00. Cheques are only accepted with a valid Bankers Card. The Management reserves the right to refuse admission or service to any person or persons. All prices are inclusive of VAT. 
Badsha Indian Restaurant Tenterden
Authentic Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine, Indian curry house 
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Badsha Indian Restaurant
Badsha Indian
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