Baby and Toddler Rockits

Baby & Toddler Rockits
c/o A Spoonful of Sugar at The Latte Lounge, Coombe Lane
Tenterden, Kent TN30
United Kingdom


UPDATE, April 2021. Beth Wilson says "I am pleased to announce that Baby Rockits is back with the addition of our brand new group, Toddler Rockits. Baby Rockits will start your little ones on a musical journey with sensory fun and as soon as they are up and toddling, they can move on to Toddler Rockits! There, they will learn their first musical alphabet, Solfége (Do Re Mi) with original songs and stories. Younger siblings are also welcome to join in at toddler Rockits too

Music classes in Tenterden
From June 2021 
Baby & Toddler Rockits will be held in a special playroom at The Latte Lounge, 2 Coombe Lane, Tenterden. Both classes will be on a Thursday morning. Toddler Rockits (0-3 years) starts at 9.30am and baby rockits (birth to toddling) starts at 10.30am. 
The group leader is Beth Wilson - Beth has a full DBS
Baby and Toddler Rockits
Beth Wilson

Tenterden Kent TN30
United Kingdom
Baby and Toddler Rockits Beth Wilson

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