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Monthly PCSO Update - June 2019
Community Safety Unit | Ashford Police Station | East Division
Kent Police
My monthly PCSO update to keep you all updated on what we have been up to this last month and some other information that could be useful.

Summer Holidays are now upon us, with the lovely hot weather. Please can I remind everyone of the safety of open water? Yes it may look lovely to just jump in and cool down, but there can be many hidden dangers. We have had a number of calls in recent days of youngsters jumping in lakes and rivers where they shouldn’t.

During the hot weather stay vigilant.

Here are a few key tips to keep home and possessions safe when enjoying the summer period.

  • Keep front, patio and back doors closed and locked when you are elsewhere in the house or in the garden.
  • Ensure that all windows and external doors are not only closed but locked at night or when you are out of the house. Even a small window could provide a burglar with an opportunity to reach through and open a larger window to gain access.
  • Close downstairs windows when leaving a room, to deter the opportunist thief.
  • Find out about property marking schemes such as Smart water. If an item is marked it will be much harder for a thief to sell on. Also, if recovered, stolen items can then be returned to their rightful owner.
  • Look out for your neighbours' property if they are away for a few days.
  • Joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is good way to meet those living on your street. Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators help to keep the local groups informed of criminal activity in the community, pass on crime prevention advice and help resolve local issues. Local members are encouraged to keep an eye on what's going and pass on details of suspicious activity.
Community Speed Watch
I had the opportunity of meeting some of our new Community Speed Watch team in Shadoxhurst the other day while on patrol. They are doing a fanatic job to make their village safer. Our Parishes rely on these groups of volunteers and they do an outstanding job.

If there are any Parishes that do not have a Speed Watch set up and would like more information please contact the community speed watch team to volunteer, to start a scheme, for support or assistance, to arrange safety awareness training or to have a risk assessment carried out at a new site.

Call: 01622 653781
You can also follow the team on Twitter @kentspeedwatch so I ask that we all support them

It has also been a busy month with lots of events going on in your communities and it is always great to meet you all. Some of the things I’ve been to this month include a Pre School Visit this was an opportunity for the children to meet myself and have a chance to look around our car and to give some safety advice with the holidays coming up, which the youngsters always enjoy.

Have also visited some of the local schools to speak to Year 5 and 6 Students about Anti-Social Behaviour and how it can affect their communities, so they have an understanding of how these behaviours can affect others. As we do want our youngsters to be safe and have fun this summer and not get into trouble. It’s always good to get to know the youngsters in my areas. I have various Parish Fates and Events going on this month, I will try and get to as many as I can depending on calls and operational needs, so if you see me please come and say hello.

Other Information
With the fine weather and more people on holiday and being at home in their gardens and out and about, we get a greater demand on neighbourly disputes. A service that is available to help with this is.

Ashford Mediation Service - helping people talk about and solve their problems and disputes
AMS is a charity that helps people across the Ashford Borough Council area with neighbourhood, family and intergenerational disputes; offering mediation services in the local community with the help of trained volunteer mediators. These services provide a way of enabling people to talk about problems and reach solutions, with the mediators listening, supporting and guiding them.

There are quite a variety of problems that the service can help deal with, some of which will be very familiar to you from experiences with communities across the area:
· Noisy neighbours
· Children’s behaviour
· Pets’ behaviour
· Parking disputes
· Boundary disputes/shared driveways
· Harassment/Abusive behaviour
Early engagement of AMS when an issue arises is key to securing early solutions and preventing problems deteriorating to more damaging levels. As they deteriorate they can often spread beyond the individuals originally involved to their extended families and friends, and affecting other neighbours and the wider community. More extreme cases can turn from civil/community issues into criminal ones, an outcome that everyone wants to avoid.

And the cost isn't just in social terms as escalation of such social problems often requires costly interventions from our public sector agencies (typically social services, health and social care services, maybe education and children’s services, plus the Police of course); taking resources away from where they are badly needed at a time when those resources are increasingly squeezed.

If you would like further information about AMS and its mediation services you might visit their website, or get in touch with them yourself, especially if you are aware of a developing situation that would benefit from their input. Community Policing teams, like Neighbourhood Wardens and even NHW groups, regularly identify issues developing between residents, so signposting them towards people who can help them find early resolution would be beneficial to all; socially and economically. AMS has recently appointed a Development Director, Ian Redding, who will gladly meet with you or a group of your colleagues if you'd like to discuss AMSs work in more detail, and the benefits that it can bring.

Also if you are interested in becoming a trained volunteer mediator, or know someone who would, please let AMS know; there is always a demand for more mediators. Even though they are based at Ashford Station, we work alongside them and they are an independent charity.

AMS contact details are as follows:

Ian Redding, Development Director
Ashford Mediation Service
Ashford Police Station
Tufton Street, Ashford TN23 1BT
Tel: 01233 896237
Mob: 07845 914838

Enjoy your summer.

Kate Richards PCSO 46059656
Community Safety Unit| Ashford Police Station | East Division
For a non-emergency please report online or contact 101 and in case of an emergency call 999
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