Tenterden Rotary Club Breakfast Networking NEW

Bill Ferguson, Tenterden Rotary Club

Tenterden Rotary Club Business Breakfast Networking Meeting
Friday 20th January 2017
Venue: Silcocks Farm Shop Function Room, St Michaels, Tenterden

A fresh approach to Rotary membership in Tenterden was launched today. Now entrepreneurs and business professionals in Tenterden with a social conscience can meet to swap top tips, share ideas and learn from the experience of others as well as finding new ways to collectively help those in need in the community and internationally. With a meeting format that embraces the best practices of commercial business networking and the principles of Rotary the group will work under the banner “Good Friends Doing Great Things Together”.

The meeting was held at Silcocks Farm Shop Function Room, St Michaels, where breakfast was followed by a 1 hour meeting between 7.30 am and 8.30 am with optional networking time afterwards. The atmosphere was very positive and guests expressed a keen interest to attend future meetings. 10 Guests and 5 current members attended the inaugural meeting which it is hoped will be an integral part of Tenterden Rotary Club in the future.

The next meeting will be on Friday 3rd February 2017 at Silcocks Farm shop, St Michaels. The speaker is Simon Hammond, Managing Director of Morpheus Insurance Solutions, on the topic of Cyber Crime and Insurance Protection.

Subsequent meetings will be on the First and Third Friday mornings at 7.00 for 7.30 am. Future sessions will feature speakers and interactive sessions on: Leadership development: What makes a successful entrepreneur: Recruiting the right people for your business: How to network effectively: as well as charity speakers.

If you are interested in coming to a meeting, please contact Phil Auden philauden@btconnect.com 01580 762204 or visit the Tenterden Rotary Club website www.tenterdenrotary.org.uk/BusinessClub.html to register your interest.

Photo: from the meeting

Reporting: Bill Ferguson
Tenterden Rotary Club Press Officer
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