Sister Act The Musical Auditions
05 July 2017 07:30 PM

The Pavilion
Recreation Ground Road
Tenterden, Kent TN30 6RA
United Kingdom

Suitable for Children

Event Dates and Times

Sister Act The Musical Auditions
Tenterden Operatic & Dramatic Society, TODS
Wednesday 5th July and Wednesday 12th July 2017 at 7.30pm
The Pavilion, Recreation Ground Road, Tenterden

The actual performances are at the Sinden Theatre on Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th February 2018, with a matinee and evening performance on the Saturday. 

Sister Act is the successful feel-good musical comedy smash hit that both critics and audiences have taken to their heart.  Featuring original music by 8-time Oscar winner Alan Menken, Sister Act tells the story of Doloris Van Cartier, a larger than life would-be diva whose life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a crime and for her protection is hidden away in the most unlikely place – a convent!  Under the suspicious watch of the Mother Superior, Doloris coaches her fellow sisters to find their singing voices and in doing so she eventually finds what she has been seeking - where she least expects it.  I am so delighted to be directing this fantastically exciting, uplifting and joyous show which offers wonderful opportunities for actors, singers and dancers.

Singing auditions will take place on 5th July and reading auditions on 12th.  If you would like to provide either backing music or sheet music to audition with a song of your choice please do so. Otherwise the audition pieces from Sister Act The Musical are:

For ladies:
• Fabulous Baby
• Here Within These Walls
For men:
• When I Find My Baby

Scripts, scores and other audition material are available from Angela Patrick 01580 241966, 07583 690671 or from Heather Leslie 07809 223559, 01233 877523

New Members
TODS are a fun and friendly group consisting of members of all ages and we welcome new members with open arms, and are always eager for new people to join us in any capacity – whether onstage or helping with the myriad of backstage tasks.

Performance Dates and Venue
We are still awaiting confirmation, but performances will either take place in The Sinden Theatre, Homewood School, Tenterden on Wednesday 14th February to Saturday 17th February 2018, OR at the Town Hall, Tenterden from Wednesday 31st January to Saturday 3rd February 2018. Dates & Venue will be confirmed.

Sister Act Character Descriptions

Doloris Van Cartier – Mid-20s to 40s. Excellent singing voice and good movement required. A loud, brash feisty character with great comedy timing.  Larger than life, she has dreams of becoming the next big singing sensation. Curtis promises he will make this happen for her but never will. She eventually finds what she has been looking for through the universal power of friendship and sisterhood.

Mother Superior – Late 40s – 70s. Good vocals, some movement. Firm but fair, can seem immovable, a stickler for the rules and routine with a tough exterior but a softer side revealed towards the end of the show. Does not want Doloris at her Convent

Sister Mary Robert – Late teens to early 20s. Excellent vocals and good movement required. Shy, timid and quiet – a small young postulant nun who eventually finds her voice. Hasn’t chosen to be a nun but has never known anything else.

Sister Mary Patrick – Mid-20s to 50s. Good vocals and movement required. Bubbly, excitable, enthusiastic larger than life character. Known for enjoying every minute (and every food!)

Sister Mary Lazarus – Mid 50s to 70s. Good singing and movement required. Initially crabby and a bit of a grump – nothing fazes her and she takes everything in her stride – even rapping!  Former choir mistress who gets moved aside.

Monsignor O’Hara – Late 40s to 60s. Non singing role. Kind, gentle man who remains good natured despite the fact his parish faces closure. He embraces the changes Deloris brings to his church enthusiastically, becoming like a Las Vegas compere!

Curtis – Late-20s to late-50s. Good vocals and some movement required. Gangster club owner – smooth, calculating and in control of the people around him. He thinks he is untouchable.

Eddie – Same age as Doloris. Good vocals and excellent movement required Sweet, nervous, nerdy policeman, There is a cool guy hidden inside him! Has a crush on Doloris and he dreams of being brave. Good cop.

TJ – 20s upwards. Good singing and movement Young, dumb, easily manipulated henchman – Curtis’ nephew. Naïve and childlike.

Joey – 30s. Good singing and movement Curtis’ head henchman. Does anything he’s told. Likes to think he’s a ladies man.

Pablo – 30s. Good singing and movement Hispanic henchman. Quiet, moody and tough – most dialogue is in Spanish. Slick and smooth.

Michelle and Tina  - 20s to 50s. Excellent singing and movement. Nightclub backing singers, good friends of Doloris.

Ernie – 40s upwards Curtis’ oldest henchman – he gets killed in Act 1

Nuns Choir – ALL AGES. Excellent singers needed. Some solo singing and speaking lines
Cop, Hooker, Bar Patron Waitress, Pool Player Female Bar Patron, Drag Queen, Cab Driver, Newscaster, Fantasy Dancers, Homeless People.

Tenterden Operatic & Dramatic Society
Tenterden Operatic & Dramatic Society

Tenterden Kent TN30
United Kingdom

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