Tenterden Probus Club

Tenterden Probus Club
Tenterden, Kent TN30
United Kingdom


PROBUS is an association of retired and semi-retired men and women who join together to meet like minded professional in retirement. In Tenterden, we meet over lunch once a month, with a speaker.

The word PROBUS is an abbreviation of the words PROfessional and BUSiness but membership is not restricted to these two groups. It also includes any one who has had some measure of responsibility in any field of endeavour.

Tenterden Probus Club tries to:
• Keep it simple in structure.
• Be free from the constraints and obligations of service clubs.
• Encourage fellowship with the opportunity for development of acquaintance.
• Seek members who are compatible with one another.
• Involve members in minimum costs.
PROBUS membership provides self-generating goodwill, a sense of belonging and a diverse background of interests. The fellowship and cordiality evident within Tenterden Probus ensures a highly successful future for our club.
We meet on the first Thursday of every month at the Little Silver Hotel in Tenterden. Members gather in the bar from 11:30, for a talk at noon, and lunch at one o'clock

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