South East Timber Treatment

South East Timber Treatment Ltd
Whitegates Lodge, Lower Road, Stone,
Tenterden, Kent TN30 7JH
United Kingdom


Woodworm, Dry and Wet Rot Treatments and Damp Proofing. As both Triton and Sovereign contractors, we can supply the best treatments and provide the most substantial guarantees on the market.
• Woodworm irradication
• Dry and Wet Rot removal
• Tanking below and above ground
• External waterproofing
• Damp Proof Injection
• Chimney servicing
• Façade treatments
• Up to 30 year guarantees
Woodworm is a general term for wood eating larvae or grubs of different species. The four main types found in this country are, The Common furniture Beetle, Death Watch, The House Longhorn and The Powderpost Beetle. We have a solution to any infestation that you may have, so do not worry.
Dry and Wet Rot are both fungal infestations caused by damp conditions. The fungus can be removed, but the cause of damp will also need to be established, and rectified, to ensure no further outbreaks. Tanking is a sure and fast way of blocking water/moisture ingress out of a property over large areas to protect and keep dry places that would otherwise be an environment uninhabitable. We can convert basements into usable spaces adding more value to your property than the procedure costs or just keep damp at bay in areas where there is no other option
External Waterproofing does what it says on the tin really. Prevention is better than cure, where achievable, but if problems are not fixed for certain periods of time, they can cause moisture to penetrate through to the internal fabric of a home, causing further issues. Sub standard gutters, flashing, pointing, bricks, rendercoats and drainage can be some of the many initial problems that require attention. We can help with all of them and use materials that are sympathetic to the age of the property.
Damp proof injection. We use two systems of injecting, depending on the fabrication of the wall concerned. We do everything that we can to not inject from the outside, leaving unsightly holes in the brick work.

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