SalesFriend Business Growth Experts

The Firs,Smallhythe Road
Tenterden, Kent TN30 7LY
United Kingdom

Monday to Saturday 8am-8pm


SalesFriend is a business support organisation that focuses on applying bespoke methods to deliver growth.

Whether through marketing, customer retention, funding provision or direct sales we are perfectly positioned to deliver gimmick-free growth. Our business is geared towards small to medium sized organisations who require ongoing or fixed period strategic growth and sales support.

• Marketing & PR
• Recruitment
• Web Design
• Web Development
• Website Hosting
• Email Marketing
• Business & Financial Planning
• Supplier Negotiations
• Sales Management & Training
• Online Marketing & SEO
• Social Media
• Financial Services including business finance, leasing and billing
• Sales Strategies
• Business Sale Planning 
Chris Burfield

Chris Burfield

Tenterden Kent
United Kingdom

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